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Music isn't the most important thing on your wedding day!

(and yes you did read that right)

Trust and piece of mind that you and your guests are going to have a stress free day while knowing someone is there to make sure things run smoothly and create fun and entertaining environment that everyone will love.

We offer more than just music without being the stars of the show.

The focus of the day is you and your partner and we are there to create a fun atmosphere for you and your guests.

We do all types of music and want to see everyone enjoying the night.

Nan and Pop will be tapping their feet and younger people will get to hear songs that they know. 

We offer a good mix of music that people want to hear!

Guests can come and request songs at any stage of the night and as long as they are appropriate,

they will be played :)

We only use the best gear and it sounds great.

We are mindful of others and music will not be played too loud!

Lighting effects are included as well as a cordless microphone for speeches.

If you don't have a MC, We are more that happy to do that role for you.

This means your guests can all relax and enjoy the Night or day

Need Music at your ceremony?

We can do that as well, no matter where it is, even if there is no power, we can be there for you!

For Pricing and Availability

Call Jamie on 0448287180

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